Let's Start Your Journey

I want photography to be something more than just clicking a button on a camera . When you let me listen to your story, I want to be able to feel the love. In fact, when you look at your photos, I want it to feel like you are falling in love again for the first time. I want those first kiss, first 'I miss you', first 'I love you' moments to be captured as if it were being experienced again for the first time. 

I love adventures. Before booking with SMP, you must be down for a good time. One of the most beautiful combinations in the world is a couple in love & nature. I strive to capture both in every session. The cool mist of a waterfall behind us, races on the beach, or hikes up a mountain are right up my alley! I don't want this to be JUST a photo shoot, I want this to be an unforgettable experience. So if you are ready for messy hair, laughing til your stomach hurts, muddy toes, and maybe even some fence hopping, I would love to start a new adventure with you. Let's get the raw, hand-crafted, and real love. Let's tell a new story, together.

I kind of hate e-mails (it's way to formal for me) Let's just hop right in!

What do you like about my style? This isn't so I can have my ego boosted-lol. It's so I can be sure that you actually like my photos so that I know you will like yours.

So I can stalk you... sorry if that's creepy

I want to know all the details! Tell me about how you and your fiance/hubby first met, tell me how you feel about graduation coming up, tell me what your favorite food is! Just help me get a picture of who YOU are.