Salty Kisses

I first met Roberta through some friends I was visiting in Taranto, Italy. We had went out together and ate the best Canolo of my LIFE. She had also showed me this beach called Baia Serrone. This beach is seriously one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The smell of the ocean hits you as soon as you get out of the car. Crystal blue waters that glisten with the sun pull you and make you want to jump in and become a mermaid (no seriously, when I saw these waters I just wanted to swim away). Funny story, when I was trying to touch the water in a little lagoon off the side of the beach I really almost fell in. Roberta and I told our friends that I did in fact fall in the water and they were so scared for me. I think they still think its true.

After visiting the beach, we went to meet Roberta's hubby for lunch. We ate the best Napoletana style pizza. Then, I had an idea. What if I took some photos at the beach of Roberta & Gianluca! So I proposed the idea. There was only one problem: time. The next day they were leaving to Rome in the afternoon and Gianluca had to work in the morning. Ok, what about before? And so it happened...

6 am. We head out towards the beach just as the sun is starting to rise. Roberta and Gianluca, I love you guys. We arrive at the sandy beach and start to take pictures together. Gianluca is a hoot. He starts doing crazy things like pretending to throw Roberta into the ocean (love that). They are so cute together. Here's proof.